RC Tools & Utilities

Download some useful tools for your essential tasks.

I've developed these tools to reduce the difficult process of several essential tasks in general computing.

PDF Merge Tool

Merge multiple PDF files at once. A completely free & lightweight PDF merging solution.

Electro Installer

Personal assistant to install or update your apps. Get all your apps installed/updated in single click without annoying ads!

ISO Maker

Lightweight utility for creating ISO files. It supports Bootable ISO making with Dual-boot (BIOS & UEFI) with UDF 1.02 format.

Network Switcher

Switch your network settings on-the-fly. Supports creation of network profiles for all of your available NICs.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR Code for any URL/Web Address. 2KB utility written in Python using tkinter. (Requires Python 3)

Note: All tools & utilities are developed for Microsoft® Windows. PDF Merge Tool, Electro Installer, ISO Maker, Network Switcher requires .NET Framework 4.5