RC Tools & Utilities

Download some useful tools for your essential tasks.

I've developed these tools by keeping in mind to reduce the difficult/hectic process of many essential tasks in work/educational life of IT Professionals/Students.

PDF Merge Tool

Merge multiple PDF files at once. A completely free & lightweight PDF merging solution.

Electro Installer

Personal assistant to install or update your apps. Get all your apps installed/updated in single click without annoying ads!

ISO Maker

Lightweight utility for creating ISO files. It supports Bootable ISO making with Dual-boot (BIOS & UEFI) with UDF 1.02 format.

Network Switcher

Switch your network settings on-the-fly. Supports creation of network profiles for all of your available NICs.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR Code for any URL/Web Address. 2KB utility written in Python using tkinter. (Requires Python 3)

Note: All tools & utilities are developed for Microsoft® Windows. PDF Merge Tool, Electro Installer, ISO Maker, Network Switcher requires .NET Framework 4.5